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How to Choose the right Crystal



How to Choose the right Crystal


At Mystic Mantra, our crystals are carefully intuitively selected from Ethnically sourced wholesales, every single gemstone has been carefully selected to bring you the best healing properties that help to balance the Body, Mind & Soul. Both our Bodies and healing crystals have energetic vibrations which makes us naturally receptive to the vibrations crystals give as they can align with our own vibrations effect when placed directly on your body.

With so many Crystal store’s popping up it can be daunting to know which crystal will align with your wants, and needs. I choose a couple of ways of selecting my Gems for myself, and my collection is now in the hundreds!!


Being Drawn to a Crystal
Needing one for a specific physical or psychological  alignment


When you first start your crystal journey you should buy in person, otherwise purchase crystals from an online seller who provides a good amount of information about each one. 

When you go into a place that sells crystals, scan the shelves slowly and glide your eyes past each one. Same with online.

You will notice that you are pulled towards specific stones when you notice a pull (usually it manifests as a desire to touch and hold it), pick it up and hold it in your hands, if there are a few of the same kind that interest you , put them in your hand and close your fingers around them. When you close your eyes and focus on your breathing, you will start to notice that one of the crystals begins to stand out more than other. This can also be done when buying crystals online. 

Once you read up on the particular stone that “chose” you, you’ll usually realise it healing properties are a perfect fit. 


On the flip side of this, pay close attention to the crystals you come across that seem to repel you as well. Those stones may speak to deeply rooted issues you’re avoiding. Stay open to their use in your life. 


If choosing a crystal for someone else, set the intention of finding the right stone for that specific person. Think about who they are and what energy they may need, and then follow the same steps above as for choosing for yourself.


Remember all stones have healing properties so do not overthink this process too much! There is no wrong choice when it comes to Crystal selection. Have fun with it!


Now that you know how to choose your crystals lets talk about the Finish as I have been asked so many times if the cut of the stone matters and the SIZE, and I can personally tell you that I have had some small stones, (maldivite in particular) that have been extremely powerful. Although this is still up for debate!


So before you start your search, you should also consider what look you are more attracted to.


☆ Cut ~ Typically requires a laidary stone artist who uses tools to shape raw crystals into decorative items or jewellery.

Raw and Natural ~ Exactly as they came out of the earth

Polished ~ can be smoothes to shine with or without edges on all or one side. This method is typically used to keep parts of the estone in its naturally raw state while smoothing and polishing some area to highlight it beauty or to make crystal symmetrical or fully rounded

Tumbled ~ Placed in a tumbler with the stones until their edges are smooth and a polished look all over.


The look of the crystal has no effect whatsoever ever on the amount of energy or power it will have. You can choose the crystal that looks the best to you. 


Happy Crystal Hunting!

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