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Garden Quartz
Garden Quartz

Garden Quartz

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Gazing at Garden Quartz can provide countless hours of amazement, leading to great relaxation and deeper conscious connection, as each bead has a different fingerprint to ponder.

Garden Quartz is a crystal of great meditation and manifestation. It is the go-to crystal for those who seek a better spiritual insight. Deep karmic healing related to past lives comes much more naturally with the help of this unique crystal. It can connect to the energies of the spiritual realm, channeling energy that facilitates deep states of pure light consciousness. 

Garden Quartz assists in deeper meditational states, healing and soothing not only you but the people that you intend on helping. It brings a very supportive energy that facilitates acceptance of change during crisis. It can help over-achievers, judgement and anything holding one back from growth. Garden Quartz also assists in pure communication, especially in a business setting - making your desires and intention flow more easily.


Garden Quartz boosts all-body healing as it taps into whatever intention is focused on through spiritual awareness. It helps balance the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies so that healing can take place more easily. Garden Quartz enhances faster physical transformation when dealing with ascension and awakening symptoms. It heals the energetic light-subtle body.


Garden Quartz is known to increase the frequency of energy flow between physical and other dimensions so that they can be integrated with more ease. It is an amazing meditation stone by helping with focus on intentions, goals and manifestation. Garden Quartz expands awareness of the unity between all things by connecting the user with higher realms of consciousness, and pulling information from the Akashic Record. It is an amazing crystal for people starting to dabble in channeling or the art of energetic healing.



We have a few styles instore if you wish to choose your own please email or connect with us on Instagram for full videos 🤍

Otherwise we will happily intuitively choose your Garden Quartz Crystal